The Dominant Deviant Minority

27 06 2009

Fascinating episode of the Corbett Report on 14th June. As always well researched and backed up with documentation. This episode is episode 90, called ‘Our Leaders are Psychopaths’. This is the link for that episode if you are interested in looking at it yourself.

Forget your preconceived ideas about the serial killers we have all heard of, being the only psychopaths/sociopaths in our society. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Estimates about the number of psychopaths range from 1% to 6.5% of the general population. Most serial killers are in fact psychopaths, but unfortunately most psychopaths are not such obvious serial killers. That would make life relatively easy for us, as if once we have put the serial killers behind bars, society would be safe.

In fact, most psychopaths are not behind bars, they are successful people, in business, policitics, the clergy, entertainment industry and in administration.  They are not hyper-intelligent, though they would like you to believe that, they are just super-ruthless. They are part of a small ‘elite’ that do not care if they hurt other people (they do not understand normal emotional responses), they crave power and they are more likely to get power precisely because they are psychopaths and will not let a little thing like the truth or other people’s emotions stand in their way.

They were psychopathic as children and they have a radar for recognizing other children who like themselves never experience shame, guilt, pity, empathy or love. They tend to band together and know each other all their lives, and when they are in positions of power they inevitably appoint other psychopaths to positions of power.

Because the vast majority of us do have a  ‘conscience’ and are capable of understanding the emotions of other people and generally have no wish to hurt other people, we are naive. We cannot understand that approximately 4% of the world’s population does not feel the same way we do. This is where psychopaths can take advantage of us. They know they are different from us, they have learnt to mimic all the right facial expressions of pain and grief (though they do not feel any of those emotions) and we are taken in by their sublime acting skills. We cannot understand that very powerful psychopaths might make decisions that would not only adversely affect us, but that they even have no particular wish to protect their own families (for whom they have no love either).They have no shame, they are natural born liars, they have no sympathy whatsoever for the lives of others, and they are most likely to be the leaders of nations.

Suddenly a lot of things fell into place after I listened to the interviews during the programme with Dr. Robert Hare (who has made detailed study of psychopaths and produced the diagnostic tool that is commonly used to diagnose the condition) and Martha Stout, author of ‘The Sociopath Next Door’.

Most people you speak to agree that it would be great if everyone on the planet had enough to eat,  a decent education, a place to live and there would be no wars. Yet this never happens. This is not because there is not enough for everyone to go round, because there is more than enough. It is because those at the top want it all for themselves and they are not at all worried about sending other people’s children to die for their ’causes’, about releasing deadly viruses on unsuspecting populations (even if it kills their own children in the process). They lie, they cheat, they can be very very charismatic and consummate actors, making you believe they really care, when deep underneath lies an all-consuming contempt for the 95% of us who wish for good things to happen for everyone. They laugh at our naivety and exploit their knowledge that we do not understand that they do not care.

Now I understand why this world feels all wrong, it feels wrong because we are being ruled by the dominant deviant minority, and until we all wake up to that fact and root them out, we will never improve the situation we find ourselves in, now or in the future.




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9 07 2009
A need for absolute power over others – Meet the psychopath « psychopathy101

[…] July 9, 2009 by psychopathy101 Dr. Robert Hare on psychopaths; “The majority of people still want to believe that people are inherently good.  We don’t really want to believe that such people exist.” Well, psychopaths do exist and the majority of these individuals are not behind bars what’s more, chances are that you know or know of, at least one such individual. At first the individual seem normal but once you get to know him/her you will, sooner or later, get clues that all is not well. DO NOT DISMISS THESE CLUES! Came across this post that I would like to share with you; The Dominant Deviant Minority Here […]

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